Nature, Man and Maple Syrup

Let the process begin

When the sap starts running so do we. And we don’t stop running until the last stainless steel drum is filled with the purest and sweetest-tasting maple syrup nature and man can make.

Not that we’ve been idle through the summer. We’ve been busy. Scrupulously cleaning all the equipment and adding over 14,000 additional trees to our “sap supply”.

Getting ready.


Early January is when we go into overdrive. We tap over 50,000 individual trees in our very productive sugarbushes that spread over 800 acres on 5 separate farms. This alone consumes nearly 200 man days. Miles of tubing web our woods—delivering the fresh sap down the hillsides to collection buildings.

It takes over 50 gallons of raw sap to produce just one gallon of maple syrup. Getting from sap to syrup is a process that has to be done just right—with no time wasted, no small amount of expertise, and some fancy equipment.

Our state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis machines process the raw sap and squeeze out more than half the water. This first step greatly reduces the time the sap will need to be exposed to the extreme heat of the evaporator (the next step) and helps to prevent the final syrup from ever tasting over-cooked.